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Ob es besser wird, wenn es anders wird, wei ich nicht.
Dass es anders werden muss, wenn es besser werden soll, ist gewiss.
I don't know if it gets better when it changes. All I know is that it has to change to get better.
(Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

為之於未有, 治之於未亂。
Wi zhī y wi yǒu, zh zhī y wi lun
Act upon it before it has happened; order it before it is disordered.
(老子 道德經 Lǎozĭ Dodjīng)



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25 Feb 1968


10 May 2003


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IT Management for multinational, cross-channel Retail Corporations

  • Responsible for consulting, design, development and operations of business solutions as pioneer for new business models and start-up activities
  • Transforming an IT Service Provider into a customer centric, lean, agile, and innovative organization
  • Starting Asian business and transforming the existing European business
  • Leading a large-scale international Scrum project
  • Implementing innovative IT-Technologies

Business and Information Technology Consulting for Telecommunication Operators
Management of complex Customer Care and Billing Projects

Master in Electrical Engineering (Automation Science)

Germany, China, Singapore, United States
German, English, Chinese, French, Latin


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Classical Music (early to contemporary)

Playing Cello

Playing Golf


Ski Touring


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